Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum

The museum was begun in Zagreb in 2013 and moved just outside the city to the north-west in 2018. It is now at Westgate Shopping Centre, on the A2 highway between Jablanovec and Zaprešić. It was founded by a motoring enthusiast, Valentino Valjak, and named in honour of Ferdinand Budicki, who in 1901 drove the first car in Zagreb and established a car dealership and maintenance garage. The museum contains over 100 cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The vehicles include early examples such as a commercial van from 1916 and a Ford Model T, prestigious cars by Rolls Royce, Chevrolet, Mercedes and Jaguar, and typical cars of the twentieth century. Vehicles characteristic of the region include a Zastava and a Zagreb electric tram. The museum also maintains an archive of historic photographs and films that reach back to the early years of motoring. The museum is the home of the Society for the Study of the History of Motoring in Croatia and a restoration workshop.

Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum
Projekt Ferdinand Budicki ı Muzej
West Gate Shopping City Zaprešićka 2
10290 Jablanovec
+385 (0) 99 - 2290161