Felt Museum

The Felt Museum opened in 1987 and was redeveloped in 2012. It occupies a former stables in the centre of the town of Mouzon in north-east France. A pioneering factory for the industrial production of felt textiles was opened at Mouzon by Alfred Sommer, a dyer, in 1880. He expanded it in 1887 by taking over a former spinning factory. This used water power from the River Meuse as well as a steam engine. Felt has been made for at least 8,000 years. It is produced by wetting, heating and compressing wool or hair. The museum shows examples of felt products from different cultures, especially nomadic people in central Asia, including rugs, wall-coverings and clothing. It explains the processes of making felt with replica and original machinery. Temporary exhibitions are held by artists and craftspeople working in felt. Workshops give visitors an opportunity to try felt-making by hand for themselves.

Felt Museum
Musée du Feutre
Place du Colombier
08210 Mouzon
+33 (0) 324 - 261991