At the Broc hydroelectricity plant, ‘Electrobroc’ is an interpretation centre to present the subject of electric power. The power station is an architecturally impressive building. It has been generating power since 1920 with four Francis turbines, which are fed from the Montsalvens dam in the hills behind. Water comes through a penstock 2 kilometres long with a fall of 100 metres.

In the interpretation centre visitors find out about the history of hydroelectric power generation and use. A special feature is an animated model town that simulates the use of electricity through day and night. Visitors can also try generating electricity with a bicycle, simulate the greenhouse effect and research how to use electricity efficiently in the home. Guided tours take visitors to the turbine hall. Outside, objects such as sections of the steel penstock and turbines have been preserved. There is a walking trail through the Gorges de la Jogne to see the dam.

Route du Lac 1
1636 Broc
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