Eibenstock Embroidery Museum

The tin and iron ore mining of Eibenstock, a small town in the western part of the Ore Mountains, had almost come to a standstill in 1760, so that the plight of the local miners and their families far surpassed the usual poverty. It was necessary to somehow secure the survival of the region. Help came from the outside, in the form of Clara Angermann from Thorn (now Toruń in Poland), who in 1775 taught the women and girls of the village how to embroider with a crochet hook. The craft spread quickly, and from 1830 it was mechanized and later partly automated. By 1900 Eibenstock dominated the world market. Eibenstock’s Embroidery Museum illustrates this development impressively. The machines on display, some of which can be also operated on request, are true marvels of technology, especially the “Black Giant”, a hand embroidery machine from 1860. In the rooms on the ground floor, examples of embroidery with a crochet hook, pearls and sequins that made Eibenstock world-famous can be admired.

Eibenstock Embroidery Museum
Bürgermeister-Hesse-Straße 7 - 9
08309 Eibenstock
+49 (0) 37752 - 2141