EFA - Museum for the history of the motor car in Germany

Amerang is a small town in the Chiemgau, the area between the rivers Inn and Traun in Upper Bavaria. The museum was established in 1987 by the entrepreneur Ernst Freiberger II (b 1950) as a gesture of thanks to the town where his father was born. Ernst Freiberger I traded as a baker in Amerang, but diversified into the production of ice cream and then into catering, and made his fortune by supplying food for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. The collection consists of more than 220 cars made in Germany, some of them on loan from the Deutsches Museum in Munich and the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. The earliest is a Benz patent car of 1886. As in most such museums many of the exhibits are sports and high performance cars but there are examples of most significant types of mass-production vehicles. Good use is made of posters and other ephemera employed in the marketing of cars. The museum also includes a high quality model railway layout, and some cars, chiefly Mercedes and BMW models of the 1950s, can be hired by visitors for tours through Bavaria.

EFA - Museum for the history of the motor car in Germany
Wasserburger Strasse 38
83123 Amerang
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