Dynamic Museum of Bricks and Terracotta

Marsciano in central Umbria, 28 km south of Perugia, has for many centuries been a centre for the manufacture of various kinds of heavy ceramics. The museum, based in the Palazzo Pietromarchi in the town centre displays many local products, including bricks, tiles, some of them ornamental, and the large storage jars called orci. It is also the starting point for tours of the landscape of brick- and earthenware-manufacture, among the features of which are the workshops of a family brickmaking business in the suburb of Contignano, including tools, photographs and products, the eighteenth-century kilns of San Fortunato, and Hoffman kilns of the twentieth century that are still in production.

Dynamic Museum of Bricks and Terracotta
Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e della Terrecotte
O6055 Marsciano
+39 (0) 199 - 194114