Dresden Suspension Railway

One problem – two solutions: above the “Blue Wonder” bridge in Dresden, two historical steep-grade railways go up and down the banks of the Elbe, on both sides of the Loschwitz stream. Both were built around 1900. Both are also tourist attractions and part of public transport in one. One connects the Körnerplatz with the villa area of Weisser Hirsch, 95 m higher.The other, whose lower station is just 150 m to the east of Körnerplatz, leads from the Pillnitz road directly and significantly more steeply to the villas of Oberloschwitz, 84 m higher. Both railways began their careers operated by steam and converted to electricity in 1909. And yet they are outright opposites.

The older, built in 1895 to the west of the Loschwitz stream, is a funicular railway (Körnerplatz - Tel +49/351/8572410) with an Abt loop where the two vehicles can automatically pass each other. It draws its charm mainly from the romantic route, with a tunnel at both ends and splendid views from the 102 m viaduct structure between.

The 1901 suspension railway is a kind of hanging monorail, built according to the system of the Cologne engineer and entrepreneur Eugen Langen. He is also regarded as the father of the Wuppertal Suspension Railway, which was created at the same time, but follows a river on level ground.

Dresden Suspension Railway
Pillnitzer Landstraße 5
01326 Dresden
+49 (0) 351 - 8572410