Dresden Museum of Transport

Dresden is a city of the first importance in the development of transport within its region. It was the terminus of the first long-distance railway in Germany, which opened to Leipzig in 1839, and passenger steamers worked on the River Elbe from 1837. The paddle steamer Diesbar, built in 1883-4, with an engine made in London, and a crankshaft by Krupp of Essen, is preserved in the city. Most aspects of transport history are featured in the transport museum, which is located in the royal stables of 1586. The earliest exhibit is a sedan chair of 1705. Locomotives include the Muldenthal, built in Saxony in 1861, and a class 03 pacific of the 20th century. Many of the cars displayed were made in Saxony and Thuringia, and the air transport section features aircraft made in the region during the period of the DDR.

Dresden Museum of Transport
Johanneum am Neumarkt Augustusstrasse 1
01067 Dresden
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