Dover Transport Museum

Dover Transport Museum has two large exhibition halls to bring back memories for older visitors and show younger people life in the twentieth century. The main subject is transport, but the museum also shows many other objects, which are arranged into street scenes that reconstruct impressions of the town of Dover in the past. There are recreated shop fronts, a garage, a smith’s workshop and a motorcycle sales shop. The vehicles include early vans, a police car, a taxi, buses, a steam locomotive, a horse-drawn Romany caravan and a steamroller as well as private cars. As Dover is a port on the English Channel, there are also ship models and artefacts related to the cross-channel car and train ferry and the channel tunnel. A very popular exhibit is a model railway that can be operated by visitors.

Dover Transport Museum
Willingdon Road
CT16 2JX Dover
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1304 - 822409