Dolomitas Museum

In 1956 exploitation began of the Donosa quarry located in the Peña de Ranero mountain, next to the Pozalagua Caves.  The mineral dolomite was extracted from the quarry andthen transported to the Ambasaguas district by cable car. There stood the dolomite factory with the unloading station and the ovens in which the dolomite was processed for the manufacture of fire-resistant bricks for lining the blast furnaces of important companies such as Altos Hornos de Bizkaia. The route of the cable car covered a distance of almost 3 kilometres between the quarry and the factory.  Along the route the cable was suspended by 27 metal trestles. This cable car was the last one in Biscay and was in operation until 1976, the year when the quarry closed. 

The unloading station of the old dolomite factory was declared a cultural asset by the Basque Government in 2002. Visiting it gives the opportunity to go back in time to when the factory played a very important role in the industry of the Biscay region, and to encounter its industrial heritage in a novel way.

Dolomitas Museum
Museo Dolomitas
C/Ambasaguas S/N
48891 Karrantza
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