Dingolfing Museum

The town of Dingolfing in southern Germany became an important centre for the car industry in the mid-twentieth century. Dingolfing Museum has a department devoted to industrial history as well as sections for local history and archaeology. The museum occupies three fifteenth-century buildings of the Ducal Castle in the Upper Town (Obere Stadt); the industrial collections are in the impressive spaces of the former granary. The displays were redesigned in 2008 and won a Bavarian museum award. The first car manufacturer in Dingolfing was Glas. This started by making seed drills at the town of Pilfing and moved production to Dingolfing in 1908. It made motor-scooters from 1951 and cars from 1955. It was known for small cars, especially the popular Goggomobil micro-car. It was taken over by BMW in 1966 and Dingolfing is now the largest production centre in the BMW Group. The displays include agricultural machinery, scooters, cars from 1955 to the most recent, a production robot, car components and models.

Dingolfing Museum
Obere Stadt 19
84130 Dingolfing
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