Dawną Mine

Dawną coal mine started in 1868 when Lower Silesia was German. After the Second World War it was operated by the Polish state coal company. It produced anthracite and refractory shale. It opened as a museum the year after mining ended in 1995. Preserved buildings include the headframe, winding engine house, fan house and central control room. Although the shaft is not accessible, visitors experience authentic replica workings built by the mining company for training purposes in the 1960s.

The museum tells the story of mining in the region, first documented in 1434. It explains geology and displays many fossils. This was one of the most dangerous mines in Europe, and the museum shows safety equipment and an exhibition about the mining disaster of 1941, when 187 died. In the training mine, visitors experience original equipment in working order. They see the operation of the coal loader, the underground railway, the conveyor and different methods of roof support. At the coalface they see hydraulic jacks and a coal-cutting machine in operation. They also hear and feel the ventilation system and try holding a pneumatic pick.

Dawną Mine
Dawną Kopalnią
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