Danmarks Flymuseum

Danmarks Flymuseum (The Danish Air Museum) at Skjern in West Jutland, near the Ringkøping Fjord, is a commercial venture that originated in 1971 when a group of enthusiasts formed the Danish Veteran Collection, by which name the collection was known until 2007.

The collection on display consists of about sixty  60 Danish and foreign aircraft, the earliest of them dating from 1911. About half are airworthy. Most are fairly small, the largest being a C47 Dakota transport aircraft. The collections includes several training aircraft, a Chipmunk, a Harvard and some Tiger Moths, and several fighters ranging in date from a Supermarine Spitfire of the early part of the Second World War, a Gloster Meteor jet from the last months of that war, and jets from the Cold War including an F16, Lockheed CF 104 Starfighter and a NorthAmerican F86-D Starfighter. Of particular importance is a small collection of Danish KZ aircraft made between 1937 and 1954. There are also aeroengines, propellors and models. An exhibition displays what has been learned from research on crashed planes of the Second World War. Restoration of Royal Danish Air Force planes takes place on the site. In the summer seasons five aircraft regularly make demonstration flights.

Danmarks Flymuseum
Stauning Luftshaven
Luftshavnsvej 1
5900 Skjern
+45 (0) 97 - 369333