Danish Railway Museum

In 1840 travelling by train was so incredibly new that there were no words to describe it. In those days railway platforms were referred to as “jutting balconies”, a train appeared to be a “string of carriages” and the locomotive was called a “steam dragon”. At least these are the words used by the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. Today his birthplace Odense is home to the Danish Railway Museum that brings new life to the pioneering spirit of railway vehicles. Dozens of historic locomotives and railroad cars can be found in the giant roundhouse - from the oldest preserved locomotive in Denmark, built in 1869, to the 1956 MY diesel locomotive with its round nose, from royal saloon cars to the orange shunting tractor starring in the Danish gangster comedy "The Olsen Gang on Track".  A comprehensive overview of the exhibits as well as the history of the Danish railways is offered by the roundhouse's gallery.

Danish Railway Museum
Danmarks Jernbanemuseum
Dannebrogsgade 24
5000 Odense
+45 (0) 66 - 136630