Daniels Mill

Daniels Mill at Eardington near Bridgnorth is one of the least conventional corn mills in England. Its source of water is a stream little more than 1 km. long which flows from the Potseething Spring to the River Severn. There was a mill on the site in the fifteenth century but the present structure dates from a rebuilding in 1854-55. The 11.7 m. diameter water wheel with a cast iron hub and wrought iron buckets is on the same axle as an external pit wheel which, through a wallower, drives a horizontal shaft powering three sets of French burr stones. Full-time operation of the mill was no longer viable by the 1890s, although it was worked part-time until 1957. Its new owners in 1958 began a programme of restoration that has only recently made possible the production of flour. A new axle was installed, the wooden frame on which stand the tuns containing the millstones was restored and reinforced, the floorboards were all replaced and a new pentrough was built to convey water to the top of the wheel. Work was aided by a grant from ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund. The mill, now managed by a trust, is regularly open to visitors. It is in a delightful situation close to a viaduct on the restored Severn Valley Railway, whose Eardington station is within walking distance. Bags of wholemeal flour ground at the mill are offered for sale.

Daniels Mill
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