Crich Tramway Village

The museum at Crich was established in 1955 in a former limestone quarry that provided sufficient space for the operation of tramcars from big cities that had been preserved by private individuals and groups. The National Tramway Museum is now part of what is in effect an open air museum, in which several historic buildings and structures, most notable the late eighteenth century Assembly Rooms from Derby, have been re-erected. The museum also includes an education department, a library and a documentation centre, which has databases relating to tramcars and tramway systems, and collections of postcards and photographs. There are good facilities for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Tramcars are displayed in a large exhibition hall, and visitors are able to travel in them over a lengthy stretch of track. The collection of more than 50 vehicles includes tramcars that operated in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Crich Tramway Village
DE4 5DP Crich
United Kingdom
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