Copper Mine

Stolzembourg is situated in the Our Valley in the northern part of Luxembourg. A copper mine 1.5 km from the village was exploited from the early eighteenth century. From 1854 it belonged to the Société des Mines de Cuivre, and remained in production until 1944 in spite of floods in 1856, 1882, 1901 and 1938. Visitors can now learn about the history of copper mining in the valley in four ways. There is a museum of mining centred on the former mine office and its small power plant, with samples of minerals and miners’ tools. It is also possible to follow a geological train on the surface, and to prospect for minerals on the waste tips. The fourth option is a three-hour tour of the museum, entering workings 50 m below the surface, approached by a steep adit, for which boots and waterproof clothing are provided.

Copper Mine
Mines de Cuivre
5a Rue Principale
L 9463 Stolzembourg
+352 (0) 84 - 9146