Continium - Discovery Center

Listen to it, look at it, touch it, smell it, try it out!...It’s clear from the start that Industrion in Kerkrade is a very special museum. Here you can discover the exciting and turbulent history of people and machines over the last 150 years. All the different activities take place in and around the vicinity of the museum in the Province of Limburg in the east of Holland. Visitors can experience life-like scenarios on 27 different working and residential sites and explore them at close quarters on their own initiative. Machines pounding in the midst of factory settings. Tools and other objects lying around all over the place, as if they had just been abandoned by the workers. Here, with the help of so-called “research elements” located all over the museum, visitors can find out how a crankshaft works or how static electricity is put to use. Interactive multi-media programmes and dramatic lighting help visitors to relive the harsh living conditions of the 1920s at close quarters in a specially built street scene. The visitors themselves are the main actors. This is what makes Industrion such a unique journey of discovery.

Continium - Discovery Center
Museumplein 2
6461 MA Kerkrade
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