Chişinău Water Tower

The prominent water tower in Chişinău accommodates the city’s museum founded in 1979. The tower was designed by Alexander Bernadazzi (1831-1907), a Russian architect of Swiss-Italian origins, who is best known for his work in Odessa and was city architect in Chişinău between 1856 and 1878. It was one of two identical towers in the city, the other having been destroyed many years ago. The tower dates from 1892. The upper wooden section was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1977, but was rebuilt in 1980-83, although a further closure was necessary in the 1990s after a further earthquake. The tower is 22 m high, and has four floors originally accessed by an iron staircase but now by an elevator/lift installed during the most recent restoration.  Topics displayed in the city museum include the evolution of the water supply system. Visitors are able to take drinks on the top floor which provides spectacular view over Chişinău.

Chişinău Water Tower
60A Mateveeci Street / 2 Mitropolit Bănulescu-Bodoni Street
2009 Chişinău
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