Cement Museum

The Cement Museum is a not-for-profit organisation under the Secil Group, a leading international cement and concrete producer. It aims to present the history of the Leiria Cement Company, which was founded in 1923, and the Maceira-Liz plant. The museum opened in 1991 in the headquarters building and displays documents, photographs and films of the works from the 1930s. An observation point gives views over the huge limestone quarries. Visitors can follow the production line built in 1938. The structures comprise conveyor belts, rotating kilns, the tall chimney and the power plant, which contains steam boilers dating from 1948, a compressor engine and a steam turbine and alternator installed in 1928 and used until 1972. A German Borsig steam locomotive of 1926 that hauled materials for the plant is preserved on site. Two gardens have been created: the ‘Jurassic Garden’, which features a collection of fossils and flora from the Jurassic period, and the ‘Water Park’ under the work’s water tower.

Cement Museum
Museu do Cimento
R. de Leiria 4
2405019 Maceira
+351 (0) 244 - 779900