Cavalry Museum

This museum portrays the history of cavalry over more than 400 years. The theme of the main displays is ‘Van Paard tot Pantser’ (From Horse to Tank). There are collections in two principal buildings. The St George Building contains uniforms, small arms and armour worn by cavalrymen, the harness and armour worn by their horses, models including dioramas of battles, and regimental silverware. The Landsverkgebouw is named after the first armoured cars used by the Dutch army and displays historic vehicles of various kinds. In addition some of the larger tanks and armoured vehicles are ranged on the lawns surrounding the buildings. There is also a restoration workshop, which can be visited by organised groups, where the principles of constructing armoured vehicles can be studied. The indoor displays follow several historic themes, including the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars of 1793-1815, the role of cavalry in the Dutch East Indies and the Second World War.

The museum is part of the Bernhardkazeme (Bernhard Barracks) and to gain entrance visitors must produce valid identification.

Cavalry Museum
Barchman Woytierslaan 198
3818 LN Amersfoort
+33 (0) 33 - 4661010