Car & Technology Historical Society in Köping

Köping is a town of ancient origin in Västmanland in central Sweden, and a place of many industries.  The Car & Technology Historical Society in Köping, established in 1987, manages a museum that displays a wide range of American and European motor vehicles, principally cars, but also racing boats and mopeds. Marques represented include Bugatti, Voisan, Panhard, Cadillac and Bentley. The displays include replicas of an auto repair shop and a petrol station, and one section concentrates on Volvo which has a plant in the town. Exhibits are constantly changed as vehicles are loan to or borrowed from other collections.

The Society collaborates closely with the foundation established in 1988 by the engineer, collector and preservationist Bertil Landblad (1907-95) which restores and manages historic vehicles.

Car & Technology Historical Society in Köping
Bil-och Teknikhistoriska Samlingarna I Köping
Glasgatan 19A
73102 Köping
+46 (0) 221 - 20600