Canal Aqueduct

The Mittelland Canal, the strategic link between Berlin and the Ruhrgebiet, was authorised in 1905 and crosses the River Weser at Minden. It was part of a comprehensive programme of waterways development in the German Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, during which the rivers Weser and Fulda were canalised between Minden and Kassel in the 1890s.


The Mittelland Canal crosses the Weser downstream from Minden on an 8-arch ferro-concrete aqueduct, 375 m long and 24 m wide that was completed in 1914. Vessels are raised and lowered the 13 m between the two waterways are by locks. The aqueduct was restored after damage by bombing during the Second World War and, as part of a programme to increase the capacity of the canal, a second aqueduct was constructed that was completed in 1997.


There is an exhibition hall with other visitor facilities at the aqueduct.

Canal Aqueduct
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