Cal Pal Saw Mill and En Solé Corn Mill

The power generated by the streams that flow down from the rugged mountains of Andorra has been put to many different uses over the centuries. This complex consists of a saw mill and a corn mill powered by the North Valira river, which date from the 16th and 17th centuries. They ceased working in the 1960s but were restored in 1996.

The two mills are open to the public during July and August of each year. Visitors are able to see how the species of wheat that flourishing on mountain slopes are ground into flour for bread-making, and how the wood from the forests that grow on the upper slopes is cut by water-power into boards for building and furniture making.

Cal Pal Saw Mill and En Solé Corn Mill
Mola de cal Pal y la mola d’en Solé
Ctra General 3 La Cortinada
300 Ordino
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