Bocholt Brewery Museum

The brewery at Bocholt, 38 km north-east of Hasselt, was opened in 1758, and the museum, established in 1979 by Jean Martens (1919-2008), a member of the family who owned it, in a mansion opposite the brewery, is claimed to be one of the largest museums of brewing in Europe. Displays illustrated all the principal stages of brewing, malting, the brewing process itself, barrelling and bottling. There are substantial displays of brewing artefacts, malting ploughs, wort coolers and laboratory equipment, as well as brewers’ carts. The brewery is well known for Seizoens, beer, which is golden in colour and heavily hopped, and for Limburgse Witte (white beer).

Bocholt Brewery Museum
Bocholter Brouwerijmuseum
Dorpsstraat 53
3550 Bocholt
+32 (0) 89 - 481676