Bjerringbro Energy Museum

Bjerringbro stands on the River Gudena, 8 km north-east of the town of Tange, which itself lies 25 km south-east of Viborg. Energimuseet is a museum and an interactive scientific discovery station situated close to Tangevaerket, Denmark’s largest hydro-electric power station, commissioned in 1920.


The displays include a range of characteristic houses from different decades illustrating the impact of energy upon people’s daily lives. Danish engineers have led the world in the development of wind power as a means of generating electricity, and the museum’s collection includes some pioneering turbines of the 1950s. Other displays feature the development of telecommunications. Above all the Elmuseet is a place of discovery, a ‘living museum where anything might happen’.

Bjerringbro Energy Museum
Bjerringbroveg 44
8850 Bjerringbro
+45 (0) 8668 - 4211