Berliner Zentrum Industriekultur (bzi)

The Berlin Center for Industrial Culture (bzi) is a joint institution of the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and the German Technical Museum Foundation Berlin.


  • networks actors of industrial culture in Berlin, Brandenburg and the Federal Republic,
  • researches Berlin's industrial heritage,
  • develops tourist attractions,
  • designs educational formats for young and old,
  • advises and moderates questions concerning industrial heritage in the city,
  • supports preservation and conversion with ideas, concepts and advice,
  • offers a platform for industrial culture at conferences, in publications and event series,
  • is involved in supra-regional and international interest groups.

Berliner Zentrum Industriekultur (bzi)
HTW Berlin, FB 5 Haus G, R207-208
Wilhelminenhofstr. 75 A
12459 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 - 50193619

Access for persons with disabilities:Available