Autovision Museum

The Autovision Museum at Altlußheim in Baden-Württemberg begins with the invention nearby in around 1817 by Karl Drais of the velocipede or laufmachine – a two-wheeled antecedent of the bicycle. The displays come up to date with electric and hydrogen-powered cars. A particular focus is on the products of the NSU motor company, founded in 1873 and based 65km away at Neckarsulm. One gallery is devoted to the development of the bicycle, motorcycle and car up until 1939 – the many vehicles include an NSU motorised tricycle of 1904 and there is also a reconstructed repair garage. Another gallery has vehicles to represent ordinary private transport. In complete contrast is an area devoted to the magnificent supercars of Bugatti in the 1930s. An exhibition is devoted to the history of the rotary Wankel engine, which was also invented in the Baden-Württemberg region. Many interactive displays help to explain aspects of automotive technology.

Autovision Museum
Haupstraße 154
68804 Altlußheim
+49 (0) 6205 - 307661