Augustusburg Castle, Motorcycle Museum

Until German reunification, the motorcycle plant in Zschopau was one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. In place of the brand “DKW”, which was claimed by the new Auto Union in West Germany, the GDR brought in “MZ”, an abbreviation of "Motorcycle works Zschopau". And so it is not surprising that two motorcycle museums are located in direct proximity, especially since they complement each other perfectly. While the museum at Wildeck Castle in Zschopau gets more points for the authenticity of the private collection of the grandson of DKW founder Jorgen Skafte Rasmussen, the exhibition at Augustusburg Castle shows the development of DKW and MZ with a certain completeness. Indeed, 175 exhibits in an impressive area of 1,200 sq m show the entire technical development of the motorcycle from 1885 to the present day. In this way, the “crown of the Ore Mountains” is the largest motorcycle museum in Europe. Particular highlights of the exhibition are motorsport productions with historical films, a sound simulator, numerous prototypes and unique examples.

Augustusburg Castle, Motorcycle Museum
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