Argyll Motor Works | Lomond Galleries

Situated only 5 mins from the beautiful Loch Lomond, the Argyll Motor Works, built in 1905, were the largest motor car works in the world second only to the Packard works in the USA. And they are still the most impressive and palatial motor works ever created - with a 540 ft frontage of red stone from Dumfries, granite from Aberdeen and marble from Italy. There is a golden dome that makes the works visible for miles. It was designed to impress and it still does - as you enter it through the magnificant marble staircase and entrance hall, here on display are only two examples Scottish built cars.

The motor works have been sympathetically adapted to a shopping mall, the Loch Lomond Galleries. Interpretation panels throughout the building reveal its astonishing story and an unrestored original Argyll car can be seen.

Argyll Motor Works | Lomond Galleries
78-80 Main Street
G83 0UG Alexandria
United Kingdom
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