Air Museum

The museum was created in 1968 and opened in its new location on the military airfield of Granja do Marquês in 2009. It has 42 aeroplanes and helicopters. The visitor journey leads through four historic hangars, the earliest of which date from 1920 when the Military Aeronautics School was transferred here. An exhibition documents the first 100 years of powered flight in Portugal from 1909, when the French pilot Armand Zipfel gave the first aerial demonstration. The second hangar is dedicated to the Portuguese Colonial War. In the third hangar are two aircraft for training pilots. Some of the aircraft on display are rare, such as the Junkers Ju-52 and the British training biplane of the 1930s the Avro Cadet. One the largest displays shows the company TAP (Portuguese Air Transport) since its foundation in 1945. Something rare in air museums is the display about airports, which includes the original model of Lisbon airport from 1942 and equipment from its first air traffic control tower.

Air Museum
Museu do Ar
Granja do Marquês
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