Aerial Ropeway Museum

The ‘kalklinbanan’ was an aerial ropeway to carry crushed limestone from Forsby to Köping, 150 kilometres west of Stockholm. It was built in 1939-41. It connected quarries at Forsby in the south over 42 kilometres of countryside to Nordkalk's cement works at Köping in the north. The cables ran in endless loops between stations driven by electric motors. There were four straight sections and three stations where the angle changed. The cables were supported on 235 pylons and carried 750 steel buckets. At the time of construction the Forsby-Köping aerial ropeway was the longest in Europe. In 1967, it carried 600,000 tonnes of limestone. However, the quarries changed to lorry transport and the aerial ropeway closed in 1997. Volunteers made efforts to preserve it but demolition began in 2013. At Malmberga they have created a museum at one of the stations, where artefacts have been saved. They give monthly guided tours in summer around sites of the aerial ropeway.

Aerial Ropeway Museum
Kalklinbanen Forsby - Köping | Linbanemuseet
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