Cultural route of the Council of Europe
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Hasselt | Belgium

Schnapps is not schnapps, corn liquor is not ...

Witte Nonnenstraat 19
3500 Hasselt, Belgium

La Calamine / Kelmis | Belgium

People enjoying the blossoming flowers and ...

Museum Vieille Montagne
Chaussèe de Liège / Lütticher Str. 278
4720 La Calamine/Kelmis, Belgium

La Louvière (Houdeng-Aimeries) | Belgium

The entrance is a thick steel guillotine door, ...

Museum of Mining and Sustainable Development
Musée de la Mine et du Développement Durable
Rue Saint-Patrice 2b
7110 La Louvière, Belgium

Le Roeulx | Belgium

The boat lift at Strepy-Thieu was planned as ...

The Strépy-Thieu Boat Lift
Ascenseur funiculaire de Strépy-Thieu
Rue Raymond Cordier 50
7070 Le Roeulx, Belgium

Liège | Belgium

For many centuries the region around Liège has ...

The Arms Museum at Liège
Le Grand Curtius - Musée d'Armes
Quai de Maastricht 13
4000 Liège, Belgium

Liège | Belgium

The location and the building fit the museum ...

The House of Metallurgy and Industry of Liège
Maison de la Metallurgie et de l´Industrie de Liège
Boulevard Raymond Poincaré 17
4020 Liège, Belgium

Liège | Belgium

Fans of rolling wheels will be in their seventh ...

Wallonia Public Transport Museum
Musée des Transports en commun de Wallonie
Rue Richard Heintz 9
B-4020 Liège, Belgium

Seraing | Belgium

Outside the gates of Seraing, which is ...

Cristal Discovery Val Saint-Lambert
Val Saint-Lambert
Esplanade du Val
B-4100 Seraing, Belgium

Thieu | Belgium

La Louviere lies at the centre of a region once ...

Canal du Centre
Ecluse No 1 rue des Peupliers 69
7058 Thieu, Belgium

Ostrava | Czech Republic

Ostrava is the third city of the Czech ...

Landek Park Mining Museum
Pod Landekem 64
725 29 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Žacléř | Czech Republic

The copper deposits in the Buhumir Mine, ...

Buhumir Copper Mine
Hornický skanzen Žacléř
Na Štole
54201 Žacléř, Czech Republic

Arques | France

The Fontinettes hydraulic lift on the Neufossé ...

Fontinettes Canal Lift
L’Ascenseur à Bateaux des Fontinettes
21, rue Denis Papin
62510 Arques, France

Éperlecques | France

Le Blockhaus d’Éperlecques, near St Omer, is a ...

Le Blockhaus d’Éperlecques
Cap et Marais d’Opale Natural Regional Park
Rue de Sarts
62910 Éperlecques, France

Oignies | France

Oignies is a coal-mining community 15 km ...

Mining and Railway Centre
Centre de la Mine et du Chemin de Fer
Rue Emile Zola
62590 Oignies, France

Alsdorf | Germany

Alsdorf is a mining community north of Aachen ...

Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 7
52477 Alsdorf, Germany

Bergheim | Germany

The typical signs of Rhineland brown coal ...

Rhenish Brown Coal Open-Cast Mining Area
Informationszentrum der RWE Power Schloss Paffendorf
50126 Bergheim, Germany

Bochum | Germany

The highlight is hidden around 20 metres below ...

German Mining Museum
Am Bergbaumuseum 28
44791 Bochum, Germany

Bochum | Germany

The bulky Malakoff tower of the Hannover ...

Hannover Colliery LWL Industrial Museum
Günningfelder Straße 251
44793 Bochum, Germany

Cologne | Germany

The museum of the chocolate industry in Cologne ...

Chocolate Museum
Am Schokoladenmuseum 1a
50678 Cologne, Germany

Essen | Germany

Margarethenhőhe is the most celebrated of the ...

Margarethenhőhe Settlement
Steile Strasse Hauptzugang 45149 Essen-Margarethenhőhe Germany +49 (0) 201 24681444
Steile Strasse
45149 Essen, Germany