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Wakefield | United Kingdom

You had better dress up warm here. For you’ll ...

National Coal Mining Museum for England
Caphouse Colliery
New Road Overton
WF4 4RH Wakefield, United Kingdom


Barnsley | United Kingdom

There was heavy industry in Elsecar from the ...

Elsecar Heritage Centre
Wath Road Elsecar
S74 8HJ Barnsley, United Kingdom

Sheffield | United Kingdom

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is one of ...

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Abbeydale Road South
S7 2QW Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sheffield | United Kingdom

The year 1742 marks the starting point when ...

Kelham Island Museum
Alma Street
S3 8RY Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sheffield | United Kingdom

Shepherd Wheel was one of the first industrial ...

Shepherd Wheel Workshop
Off Hangingwater Road
S11 2YE Sheffield, United Kingdom

Stainborough | United Kingdom

A beautiful stately house, spectacular gardens ...

Wentworth Castle and Gardens
Lowe Lane
S75 3ET Stainborough, United Kingdom

Wentworth | United Kingdom

Wentworth Woodhouse is one of the finest and ...

Wentworth Woodhouse
S62 7TQ Wentworth, United Kingdom