The Museum of Aviation

The aviation museum is part of the Slovak technical museum and occupies five hangers at Košice international airport. It displays 18 aeroplanes and helicopters , mainly warplanes including a MIG-15, MIG-21, helicopters, a fighter bomber SU-22, a SU-15 TM fighter and an agricultural Z-37 A. It holds an important collection of instruments and models and 24 aircraft engines are on display from 1915 up to modern jet engines. The story of aviation is told from its beginnings with baloons to the invention of the first regularly working parachute by the Slovakian Štefan Banič in 1914 and other contributions to aviation in Slovakia. A special display presents the contribution of Slovaks to the British Royal Air Force during the Second World War. There is also an exhibition of road transport with bicycles, motorcycles, vans and cars.

The Museum of Aviation
Múzeum letectva
Letisko Košice
04175 Košice
+421 (0) 55 - 6832272