Musée Automobile Reims Champagne

The Musée Automobile Reims Champagne was established in 1983, its core being the collection of Philippe Charbonneaux (1917-98), the pioneering industrial designer who designed the Renault 16 of 1965, as well as vehicles for Berliet and Ford. He was also responsible for various television sets. The museum is managed by an association of mechanics and car enthusiasts, many of whom own exhibits. More than two hundred vehicles are displayed, most of them French and some very rare. The earliest is a vehicle of 1908. There are also motorcycles, pedal cars and some racing cars, but the main emphasis is on cars that were in everyday use by ordinary people. This museum prides itself in being one of the few French car museums not to have a Bugatti.

Musée Automobile Reims Champagne
Musée Automobile Reims Champagne
84 Avenue Georges Clemenceau
51100 Reims
+33 (0) 326 - 828384

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