The Universe of Water Museum Complex

The centrepiece of the museum run by St Petersburg’s water supply company is a former water tower on the Neva Embankment, designed by Ivan Merts and Ernest Shubersky and completed in 1860. The museum was designed by Eugeny Podgornov and was opened in 2003. The tower itself houses displays about the history of water supply in St Petersburg, and about the water supply industry generally. It includes multi-media presentations, and interative displays which enable visitors to assemble plumbing systems, or to learn through decision-taking exercises about operating pumps to ensure that supplies to cities are maintained. Historic exhibits include antique toilets and some of the wooden pipes once used to distribute water in Russian cities. There is an observation platform on the tower which provides magnificent views of St Petersburg. An extension building next to the tour houses an exhibition entitled Underground St Petersburg, showin in detail how water is distributed through the city, while in a building that was once a covered reservoir is an exhibition untitled the Universe of Water which portrays water as a medicine, a destroyer, and a maker of music, amongst other functions. The symbol of the museum is a statue of one of the water carriers who in the distant past sold water from barrels or similar containers in the streets of most European cities.

The Universe of Water Museum Complex
Вселенная Воды
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