Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial

The Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial opened in 2001 in the headquarters of HASAG, the Hugo-Schneider arms manufacturing company. It was the first memorial in Germany to forced labour. Millions of men and women were enslaved in Nazi Germany, at least 60,000 of them in Leipzig. They were used in domestic service and other work, but the majority were used in armaments. HASAG made ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades with forced labour at several locations and drew on special sub-camps of the Buchenwald concentration camp. In 1944, the biggest of the Buchenwald women’s sub-camps was built at Kamenzer Straße 10-12, next to the main factory. It housed more than 5,000 prisoners. Before the Allied advance in April 1945, the women were moved out on death marches.

After the war, the HASAG factory was demolished apart from the offices. The memorial shows a permanent exhibition about Nazi forced labour and biographies of concentration-camp prisoners made to work at the company.

Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial
Permoser Straße 15
04318 Leipzig
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