Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill

Founded in 1884 in recently drained marshland to the west of Leipzig, the Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill developed within 25 years into the largest of its kind on the European mainland. Up to 4,000 women produced cotton on 260,000 spindles and 208 combing machines. Proud industrial architecture heralded economic success. A spinning school, a fire brigade, a works canteen and a bathhouse were established, houses built for workers, and later even a kindergarten and a park with a gym. Music bands, dance groups and male-voice choirs were founded. From the factory, a city had emerged. In 1993 textile production had to be discontinued.

Today about 100 studios offer the artists the necessary space to work and rest. In addition to theatres and galleries, there are also offices, shops, workshops and small businesses. This is where artists, designers, printers, gallery owners, hipsters and people on day-trips meet.

Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill
Spinnereistraße 7
04179 Leipzig
+39 (0) 341 - 4980200