Graubünden Mining Museum

Iron ore and other metallic ores were mined in the canton on Grisons in the nineteenth century, and the history of mining in the region is commemorated in the museum at Schmelzboden, 4 km south-west of Davos, which is situated in the early nineteenth century headquarters building of one of the principal mining companies, the Bergwerkegesellschaft Schmelzboden-Hoffnungsau. Visitors can go on tours of underground workings, while the displays in the galleries include miners’ tools, maps and surveys and a notable collection of minerals. On ‘museum nights’, in which all the museums in Davos are involved, visitors are able to extract concentrate from iron ore by working stamps.

Graubünden Mining Museum
Edelweissweg 2
7270 Davos Platz
+41 (0) 81 - 4137603