Freudenberg Technical Museum

Freudenberg is a small town, 11 km noth-west of Siegen, notable for the timber-framed houses that make up its Aldestadt (ancient town). The town has a long industrial history and in 1991 25 people met to form the Freunde historische Fahrzeuge Freudenberg (Friends of historic vehicles in Freudenberg) which went on to open the technical museum in 2002.


Displays include cars, motor cycles, military vehicles and tractors, as well as associated exhibits such as petrol pumps. There is a steam engine of 1904, some looms, and a range of agricultural machinery. Several historic workshops have been reconstructed with their appropriate machines and tools. An outstanding exhibit is a grinding machine used for finishing aircraft propellers. A blacksmith produces art works in iron, and visitors are able to ride on a miniature railway in the garden.

Freudenberg Technical Museum
Olper Strasse 5
57258 Freudenberg
+49 (0) 2734 - 3248