Dendermonde-Puurs Steam Train

The Belgische Vriended van der Stoomlocomotif (Belgian Friends of Steam Locomotives) was founded in 1977 and operates the 14 km branch line from Dendermonde to Puurs, where the terminus is 150 m from the SNCB/ NMBS station. The line closed to regular traffic in 1980.  There are four intermediate stops including Baasrode North where locomotives and carriages are based. Most of the steam locomotives that work on the line are small side tanks originally intended for shunting duties, but there is also a vertical boilered locomotive built by Cockerill at Seraing. There are also some diesel shunters and some train services are provided by the red and yellow ‘autorails’ (railcars) that were familiar features of Belgian branch lines from the 1950s.

Dendermonde-Puurs Steam Train
Stoomtrein Dendermonde-Puurs
Fabriekstraat 118
9200 Dendermonde
+32 (0) 52 - 330223