Austrian Post and Telegraph Museum

Eisenerz is a town in the mountains of central Austria with a long history of iron mining. The Post and Telegraph Museum is located in the Kammerhof, a medieval building where mining in the region was administered and later a hunting lodge for Emperor Franz Josef. In 2016 the three-storey building opened as a specialist museum of post, telegraph and telephone communications in cooperation with the Austrian postal service. It has exhibits from ancient times to the present. Among the star exhibits are a reconstructed post office of 1900 and postal vehicles: a beautiful mail coach, a motorbike and even sledges for deliveries in snow. The museum also displays postal uniforms, post office equipment, telephone switchboards, a tickertape machine and a large and colourful collection of mailboxes from around the world. Children can enjoy a play post office and learn how post and telecommunications worked in the past.

Austrian Post and Telegraph Museum
Österreichisches Post- und Telegraphenmuseum
Schulstraße 1
8790 Eisenerz
+43 (0) 3848 - 57675