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Welcome to the ERIH November newsletter with a broad range of news from the ERIH network. We reflect on the ERIH Annual Conference 2022 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, celebrate the "Best Practices Award 2022" for the dance event WORK it OUT and welcome a new Anchor Point in Spain. In addition, as many may have noticed, ERIH launched its Instagram account this summer. But also beyond that, a lot has been going on - the newsletter offers a comprehensive update of the last months.

The topics at a glance:

  • ERIH Meetings: ERIH Annual Conference 2022 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • ERIH Award: "Best Practices Award 2022" for 5 years of WORK it OUT
  • ERIH Event: WORK it OUT Review and Relaunch
  • ERIH Survey: Next Industrial Heritage Barometer scheduled for 2023
  • ERIH Members: New Anchor Point in Spain
  • ERIH Media: New Instagram account
  • ERIH website: New site descriptions and biographies
  • ERIH Branding: Video invitation to visit ERIH sites
  • ERIH Cooperation: Journal "Industriekultur" celebrates 100th issue
  • ERIH Calendar: Save the date
Chania (GR). Museum of Typography
ERIH Meetings: ERIH Annual Conference 2022 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Preserving the past and shaping the future – this is a special challenge for Europe's industrial heritage sites. For our perception of the industrial age increasingly involves controversial issues such as ecological impact, forced labour and colonialism. Both this shift in perspective and the way to deal with it are reflected in the title of this year's ERIH conference: "Industrial Heritage in Midst of the Next Industrial Revolution – New Challenges in Storytelling".

Some 150 participants from the ERIH network accepted the invitation of our Luxembourg hosts to the ERIH site in Belval - a former steelworks that has been transformed into a modern urban quarter in this year's European Capital of Culture, Esch-sur-Alzette. Once again, many took the opportunity to participate online in the conference on 20 October and the ERIH General Assembly the day before.

How can we connect our "old stories" with current and future challenges such as climate change, migration, gender equality and inclusion? This was one of the questions at the heart of the symposium, which ERIH board member Dr Walter Hauser from the LVR Industrial Museum addressed in his introduction, outlining the opportunities and potential of a re-imagined industrial heritage.

The lectures that followed took up these issues with case studies from Germany, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Poland.

The presentations
A joint project of three Luxembourg partners - the industrial heritage network IK-CNCI (Laurie Kremer, Jennifer Muller), the Minett Unesco Biosphere syndicate (Yann Logelin) and the Luxembourg Museum of Labour MUAR (Marieke Jarvis) - presented the podcast "Minett Mash-up", which is primarily aimed at young adults. Sebastian Nicolai from MUT e.V. in Zeitz, Germany, recounted the challenges faced by the association, which since its foundation in 1994 has been tackling the delicate balance between the lignite industry and environmental protection. Kalle Kallio from the Finnish Museum of Labour in Tampere criticised that museums too often tell stories of winners and omit to mention uncomfortable truths. According to Dr Kirsten Baumann, the director of the LWL Industrial Museum, the exhibitions at the LWL sites seek answers to the question of how ideas about work, energy, resources and the concept of progress will change in the future. Two contributions from Italy dealt with the implementation of a water route in the recently drought-stricken Po Valley (René Capovin, Brescia, Musil - Museo dell'Industria e del Lavoro) and the challenges of an integrated tourism concept in Prato (Raffaele Bosi, Commune di Prato), which combines industrial heritage, manufacturing companies and cultural institutions. Finally, Aleksandra Chabiera from the Polish Institute of Cultural Heritage shared good experiences with local identity-based narratives that incorporate regional products and avoid monothematic storytelling.

The workshops
As always, four workshops in the afternoon offered the opportunity for a focused exchange in predefined topic groups. This included the development of a framework for structured storytelling as well as defining customer journeys and future target groups. Hands-on learning was particularly strong in a workshop on communication in social networks, with a special focus on Instagram. Traditionally, the conference day was embedded in a varied programme of visits to industrial heritage sites in the area, including the National Museum of Iron Ore Mines and ERIH Anchor Point at Rumelange.

Review: ERIH Conference 2022 in Esch-sur-Alzette

This year, the conference fee revenue will be donated to the ERIH members in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. Those who would like to contribute can do so until 30 November 2022 via on Paypal (please indicate "Donation ERIH Ukraine" as purpose).

ERIH Award: "Best Practices Award 2022" for 5 years of WORK it OUT

Again, the fifth edition of WORK it OUT was highly successful. Over 1,600 dancers joined the event at 23 locations in 8 countries. So far, the supporting social media campaign has reached more than 4.3 million people and gained 490 new followers for the ERIH Facebook page. For those who couldn't attend live, the videos of this year's participants and the compilation of all 23 dance videos are as always available on the YouTube WORKitOUT channel. Right there, we are also celebrating an anniversary: five years of WORK it OUT with all the highlights in a dynamic three-minute video!

YouTube WORK it OUT channel

The footage shows the dedication and enthusiasm that is behind ERIH's pan-European dance event. This has now been recognised with a special award: the "Best Practices Award 2022" on behalf of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe for achievements in the field of Europe's industrial heritage. The jury particularly appreciated the fact that WORK it OUT has been held annually since 2018 - even during the Covid 19 pandemic - and regularly meets with a great response, especially from young people.

ERIH wins „Best Practices Award 2022“

ERIH Event: WORK it OUT Review and Relaunch

Once again WORK it OUT - after five years we intend to evaluate the concept and see if and how the format can be modified. To do this, we are asking ERIH members for their support by answering a short online survey to gather feedback and ideas from participating and non-participating sites. In late November, the WORK it OUT task force will be holding a workshop with supporting agencies. The results will be shared in due time on the established channels.

The online questionnaire can be completed until 21 November. We look forward to a large number of participants.

Online survey WORK it OUT

ERIH Survey: Next Industrial Heritage Barometer scheduled for 2023

Ever since its launch in 2018, the Industrial Heritage Barometer, conducted by ERIH in cooperation with the Ruhr Regional Association's Statistics and Surveys Department, has emerged as an important indicator of the state of industrial heritage in Europe. This is particularly the case in the context of the Corona pandemic and other current crises that put a great strain on the sites. The pandemic was also the reason why the last Industrial Heritage Barometer had to be postponed to 2021. In order to obtain a two-year view again, the next survey will not take place until next year.

ERIH Industrial Heritage Barometer

ERIH Members: New Anchor Point in Spain

ERIH has a new member: the Anchor Point "The Light Factory. Museum of Energy" in Ponferrada, northern Spain. The multiple award-winning site tells the story of the power plant from the perspective of the people who worked there and turns out to be an exciting journey back in time to the beginnings of the Spanish energy sector. On their tour of the museum, visitors learn a lot about the use of coal to generate electricity, but also about the industrialisation of the entire region and the importance of the energy sector as one of the country's most important industries.

The Light Factory. Museum of Energy

ERIH Media: New Instagram account

Featuring impressive machinery and buildings, ERIH sites are highly "instagramable". The storytelling, based on people and their everyday routines, is also well aligned with Instagram and the preferences of its users. Thus, it was overdue that ERIH finally got its own Instagram account. That has now been done: Since 15 July, Isabella Alfken's team from the Ruhr Regional Association has been presenting ERIH sites two or three times a week as well as providing updates on ERIH events and meetings, using photos, image galleries and videos or reels. Follow ERIH on Instagram now and rediscover ERIH's visual world. Contact the ERIH Instagram team by email:

ERIH on Instagram

ERIH website: New site descriptions and biographies

The ERIH website never stands still and is constantly growing. The latest addition: descriptions of 105 recently added sites and 10 short profiles of women and men who have shaped and pioneered Europe's industrial heritage. This brings the total number of industrial monuments and museums featured on the website to more than 2,200 across Europe, with over 240 biographies on display. That underlines ERIH's claim to provide the most comprehensive tourist information site on industrial heritage.

ERIH website

ERIH Branding: Video invitation to visit ERIH sites

What does ERIH stand for? What kind of highlights are on offer to visitors at the different sites? Why is industrial heritage so deeply rooted in the European DNA? And how do industrial monuments and museums translate this into emotionally engaging experiences? This is the focus of the new video "Exploring Europe's industrial heritage with ERIH. Discover the exciting witnesses of the Industrial Revolution". The key message: ERIH means "hands-on" technical history in a variety of forms - from individual adventures to live acts and mega-events amidst massive industrial settings.

Video 'Explore Europe's industrial heritage with ERIH' on

ERIH Cooperation: Journal "Industriekultur" celebrates 100th issue

With each issue of the internationally renowned journal "Industriekultur", ERIH offers its readers a tour of selected industrial monuments and museums. That's why the recently published 100th volume of the magazine - congratulations to the editors! - is a reason for us to celebrate as well. Since 2005, ERIH has contributed four pages to every issue. That's a total of 284 pages and 182 articles in which we, respectively the author Frieder Bluhm, have presented 621 industrial heritage sites as attractive travel destinations. We look forward to many more issues!

Journal Industriekultur, volume 100


ERIH Calendar: Save the date

Next year, the ERIH Annual Conference will be held in Bilbao, Spain, from [18 to 20 October 2023, postponed to]
8 to 10 November 2023
Information on dates and details of WORK it OUT 2023 are available here and by e-mail well in advance.

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