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Welcome to the ERIH newsletter in June, which brings together a variety of topics. Among other things, we highlight options for embedding the network in presentations of Anchor Points and Regional Routes. In addition, there is a new entry in our virtual exhibition "Linking Europe" as well as an opportunity for textile museums to acquire heritage textile machinery. Updates from the ERIH online channels and a schedule of events wrap up the newsletter.

The topics at a glance:

  • ERIH WORK it OUT: Registration closes on 30 June
  • ERIH Data: Using asset database to embed network content
  • ERIH Regional: Integrating a network portrait into Regional Routes
  • ERIH Linking Europe: William Lindley in Hamburg and Prague
  • ERIH Members: New Anchor Point in Italy
  • ERIH Exchange: Proposal to take over historic textile machinery
  • ERIH YouTube: Rich collection of videos on industrial heritage - subscribe now!
  • ERIH Website: The new WebReader
  • ERIH Events: Save the date
Bilbao (E). Basque Country Industrial Heritage Warehouse. Linotype
ERIH 'WORK it OUT': Registration closes on 30 June

We are very much looking forward to the fifth edition of our pan-European dance event 'WORK it OUT' on 11 September 2022, which will again be covered by a livestream. If you want to be part of it, you can still register until 30 June 2022 via a Google form linked below. Two further links feature the new dance along with the related tutorial. Information on 'WORK it OUT' and impressions of last year's event conclude the list of links.
Registration via Google form
Our appetiser: The 'WORK it OUT' dance 2022
Rehearsal: 'WORK it OUT' dance instructions
Infos and reviews

ERIH Data: Using asset database to embed network content

The 'Portal of Industrial Heritage' at the ERIH Anchor Point Zollverein World Heritage Site in Essen (Germany), probably the most comprehensive information centre on industrial heritage in Europe, is about to be upgraded: in cooperation with ERIH, the multimedia display in front of the map of Europe will not only present the ERIH Anchor Points included so far, but also all European industrial heritage sites that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is possible thanks to the ERIH asset database, which displays its content directly on the information centre's touchscreen. The same service is offered to all ERIH Anchor Points on request. If you are interested in this kind of cooperation and would like to use the ERIH database, please contact the ERIH office.

Tip: Google Arts & Culture, where the Zollverein site has recently been added with 24 digital stories and a 360-degree tour, now also features a section on ERIH. It is located in the chapter 'Portal of Industrial Heritage' with the heading 'Industrial Heritage in Europe'.
ERIH on Google Arts & Culture

ERIH Regional: Integrating a network portrait into Regional Routes

The ERIH Regional Route Ruhr intends to set up an information sign about ERIH to be displayed at all ERIH member sites. It will include a short introduction to the route system and explain how the ERIH tourist network keeps our continent's industrial heritage alive. Simultaneously, this raises the profile of industrialisation from the individual site to the whole of Europe and is an added value for local visitors.

Regional Routes wishing to use this information for their route system as well are welcome to contact the ERIH office with further questions.

ERIH Linking Europe: William Lindley in Hamburg and Prague

Who was William Lindley and how does he relate to ERIH sites in Hamburg and Prague? A new entry in our ever-growing virtual exhibition "Linking Europe", illustrating the cross-border interconnections of the Industrial Revolution via particular cases, reveals the answer. While there are many examples of transboundary links, investigating them is very time-consuming. That is why we appeal once again to all members for support: Please help us to identify objects, personalities or stories that play a role at your site and are likely to reveal the contexts of European industrial history. At best, this will provide a direct reference to another ERIH site. ERIH will take care of the textual presentation. It is also possible to visually highlight the Linking Europe case at your site, for instance with stelae or banners as part of an exhibition. To this end, ERIH provides support with a production cost subsidy.
Virtual exhibition 'Linking Europe'

ERIH Members: New Anchor Point in Italy

ERIH welcomes a new Anchor Point in Italy: the MuCa - Museum of Shipbuilding Industry in Monfalcone near Trieste. The industrial town is considered the place of origin of elegant luxury liners and cruise ships and features a factory housing estate that is inhabited to this day. Meanwhile nationalised, the shipyard, which initiated industrialisation in 1908, is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The museum, accommodated in an architecturally sophisticated former dormitory for unmarried workers, attracts visitors with multimedia displays on the local shipbuilding industry and former living and working conditions. Welcome to the ERIH network!
Monfalcone (I). MuCa - Museo della Cantieristica

ERIH Exchange: Proposal to take over historic textile machinery

Opportunity for ERIH textile sites: Our member, the Museum Neuthal Textile and Industrial Heritage in Bäretswill (CH), currently rearranges and downsizes its textile machine collection. Thus, two weaving machines (constructed before 1900) and a Jacquard card copying machine (built approx. 1960) are no longer part of the exhibition and can be made available to interested parties. If you are considering adding them to your own collection, please contact the museum directly.
Bäretswil (CH). Museum Neuthal Textile and Industrial Heritage

ERIH YouTube: Rich collection of videos on industrial heritage - subscribe now!

Did you know? ERIH recently launched a well-edited YouTube channel. Its comprehensive coverage of European industrial heritage spans livestreams and videos of the ERIH dance event WORK it OUT, recordings of ERIH's annual conferences and a variety of portrayals of individual sites. Users will quickly find footage of ERIH Anchor Points and members, Regional Routes and other networks of industrial heritage, industrial World Heritage Sites as well as outstanding events such as ExtraSchicht or Industriada.

We invite all members to subscribe and share the channel straight away to increase visibility and for the benefit of all sites. Thank you very much! If you have any additional videos that you would like to share on the channel, please contact
ERIH on YouTube

ERIH Website: The new WebReader

ERIH's website has become yet more accessible: as the first pan-European cultural portal, ERIH offers a read-out feature. The respective button allows users to adjust sound volume and reading speed, download the audio file of the spoken text and translate it into 17 available languages
See how the WebReader works

ERIH Events: Save the date

Please bookmark and mind registration deadlines:

This year's ERIH dance event 'WORK it OUT' starts on 11 September 2022 at 3PM (CEST). Livestreaming already kicks off at 2pm including central presenter, live broadcasts, interviews and more.

The host of this year's ERIH Annual Conference and General Assembly from 19 to 21 October 2022 is the European Capital of Culture Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg. As always, the conference will additionally be held online. The subject of the conference reads "Industrial Heritage in midst of the next Industrial Revolution – new challenges in storytelling". Programme, registration and further updates will soon be available on the ERIH website and via email.

Other events dealing with industrial heritage (tourism)