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Welcome to the ERIH March newsletter. It includes an update on the Industrial Heritage Barometer 2023, a short review of the ERIH National Conference in Portugal in late January, details on the recently launched ERIH Italia Facebook channel as well as new content on the website. We are also pleased to announce another Anchor Point in Poland and a Summer School on industrial heritage in Berlin, Germany, in August.

24 February saw the anniversary of Russia's attack on Ukraine. To mark this sad occasion, we would like to once again express our solidarity and compassion with the people of Ukraine. As a small contribution and in support of our Ukrainian partners facing such difficult times, we have donated the proceeds from participant fees at the 2022 ERIH Annual Conference to the town of Kryvyi Rih.
In addition, we compiled a list of videos on Ukrainian industrial heritage sites on the ERIH YouTube page.
Industrial Heritage in Ukraine

The topics at a glance:

  • ERIH Survey: Industrial Heritage Barometer 2023 - launch on 6 March
  • ERIH Members: New Anchor Point in Poland - EC1 in Lódź
  • ERIH National: Successful ERIH Portugal chapter conference
  • ERIH Media: New on Facebook - ERIH Italy
  • ERIH Website: New content - biographies and industrial history
  • ERIH Event: Summer School "Industrial Heritage x Sustainability" for students
  • ERIH on TOUR: Exchange programme for ERIH members
  • ERIH Calendar: Save the date
ERIH Survey: Industrial Heritage Barometer 2023 - launch on 6 March

What is the status of industrial heritage in Europe? To find out, ERIH and the Regionalverband Ruhr have been collecting data across Europe since 2018, using the results to engage with politicians, the media and the public. The next survey starts on 6 March 2023, with questions targeting the years 2021 and 2022. In order to get as comprehensive a picture as possible, we are - here and via email - calling on all ERIH members to participate. All other European industrial heritage sites with tourist potential are also invited to take part in the survey, regardless of their ERIH membership. They will have access via a link in the ERIH website's news section, which is activated once the survey is launched.
ERIH Industrial Heritage Barometer 

ERIH Members: New Anchor Point in Poland - EC1 in Lódź

What happens when a city transforms a once prominent industrial site in its very heart into a vibrant cultural centre? This is demonstrated by the EC 1 power generation complex in Łódź. After undergoing a comprehensive redevelopment and renovation phase, the 40,000-square-metre site is home to a variety of diverse cultural institutions. A significant part of it is occupied by the Science & Technology Centre, with its permanent exhibition divided into three topics: "Energy Processing", "Knowledge and Civilisation Development" and "Microworld - Macroworld". As of this year, the EC 1 is the 11th ERIH Anchor Point in Poland. Welcome to the ERIH network!
EC1 Łódź - City of Culture

ERIH National: Successful ERIH Portugal chapter conference

More than 220 participants made their way to the national ERIH Portugal conference in late January, which focused on the protection and appropriate communication of the country's industrial monuments. The livestream even attracted more than 560 visitors. During the two-day programme, 22 locations showcased their activities and ideas relating to industrial heritage, including a number of culinary tastings. The strong professional interest in the conference is not least reflected in numerous requests for ERIH membership. Many thanks go to our National Representative Alexandra Alves and her team for the successful preparation and implementation!
Programme and impressions of the conference

ERIH Media: New on Facebook - ERIH Italy

ERIH Italy has recently launched its own national account on Facebook. It reports, among other things, on the activities of ERIH members in Italy and translates selected news from the English ERIH Facebook page into Italian. Thus, subscribe to this channel if you want to be updated on developments and events at Italian industrial heritage sites. The page is run by the team of Tratto Punto, an Italian network for industrial heritage headed by Francesco Antoniol, and in collaboration with our National Representative, Prof. Massimo Preite. Also in other countries, we are striving to set up national ERIH Facebook accounts in their respective languages.
ERIH Italia on Facebook

ERIH Website: New content - biographies and industrial history

Once again, the ERIH website has been growing. The "Biographies" page, for example, contains 30 new portraits of outstanding figures in European industrial heritage.

The section "How it all began" is supplemented by a new chapter on "The dark sides of the Industrial Revolution" with an article on "Slavery and colonialism". Further entries will follow, including on "Environmental Destruction" and "Workers' Misery and Resistance".
The section "Industrial History of European Countries" now includes the effects of the colonial system on the industrialisation of individual nations, namely Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.
The dark sides of the Industrial Revolution: Slavery and colonialism

ERIH Event: Summer School "Industrial Heritage x Sustainability" for students

The Summer School is an intense 14-day programme that explores the question of whether and how industrial heritage sites can credibly become places of good practice in sustainability. The event, held in Berlin from 5 to 20 August 2023, combines interdisciplinary knowledge transfer with hands-on project activities and is designed for students enrolled in various disciplines. Among other things, they will be instructed to introduce the other participants to an industrial heritage site - preferably an ERIH member from their respective native region - visited in the run-up to the Summer School. Follow-up BarCamp-style workshops will approach solutions to existing challenges and explore ideas for potential projects in small groups. Exciting visits to industrial monuments in Berlin wrap up the programme. Applications are open from 21 March 2023.

The Summer School is a programme of ERIH in cooperation with the Berlin Centre for Industrial Heritage and the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to an ERIH scholarship, registration fees are low. Participants are welcome to stay in touch with ERIH after the event and get involved in the new Young Professionals network.
Summer School on Industrial Heritage and Sustainability

ERIH on TOUR: Exchange programme for ERIH members

Soon, the "ERIH on TOUR" programme will be launched. Based on the successful "TWINNING of SITES" predecessor, which supported delegates from two locations in implementing and financing visits of mutual exchange, "ERIH on TOUR" will continue to provide financial and organisational assistance for this kind of interrelations. A new feature is that there is no further restriction to the number of involved sites. This means that in future, even groups of members or regional routes may apply for travel grants. More information will be published in due course on the ERIH website and emailed to members.

ERIH Calendar: Save the date

On 10 September 2023, we are once again hosting our annual dance event "WORK it OUT" at ERIH sites across Europe. This popular event is heading into its 6th season. Registration forms will be emailed to all ERIH members soon and will also be available on the website.

Change of date: This year's ERIH General Assembly and Conference will exceptionally take place in November, because the date originally planned for October could not be realised. We will meet from 8 to 10 November 2023 with our Basque colleagues in Bilbao, Spain. For all those who cannot travel in person, we will be offering the possibility of online participation.

Other events dealing with industrial heritage (tourism)