Industrial heritage of Northern Hesse/Germany: BLUE SUNDAY on the go SPECIAL 2020

BLUE SUNDAY, the annual long weekend of industrial heritage in Northern Hesse, always featured the extra programme "On the Go" with exclusive tours of special places or plants still in operation. Due to the pandemic, this special edition is this year's main programme. As usual, participants include sites along the ERIH regional route North Hesse.

In detail, "On the Go" SPECIAL 2020 stands for guided tours, visits and hikes from early August to late September with a limited number of participants and prior registration. The main topic this time is "resources". The focus is on the region's natural resources such as lignite, clay and water, but also on the recycling of used materials and the conversion of former manufacturing sites. All events are free of charge and mainly held outdoors.

In Großalmerode, for example, participants learn where and how clay was once extracted and processed, following a brief introduction to the mineral in the local glass and ceramics museum. The Immenhausen Glass Museum explores the local glass industry by introducing key locations in the cityscape that recall the glass artist and last owner of a glassworks, Richard Süßmuth.

The Hessian Lignite Mining Museum in the former Borken lignite mining district this year focuses on specialised locomotives that once moved 188 million cubic metres of waste material and over 66 million tonnes of coal. The same museum will be offering a special guided tour of the so called "Coal & Energy" theme park to illustrate the regional abandonment of coal and atomic energy in the wake of the Chernobyl reactor catastrophe in 1986. A guided tour of a paper mill in Diemelstadt-Wrexen will provide impressions of modern paper and cardboard production, while the experiments and projects at the North Hesse School Research Centre in Kassel are aimed specifically at young people.

BLUE SUNDAY on the go SPECIAL 2020

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