ANIH Bulletin: Making ERIH an example of interdisciplinary industrial heritage

In its latest bulletin the Asian Network of Industrial Heritage (ANIH) provides a detailed introduction to ERIH. The article by Rainer Klenner, ERIH board member and webmaster, discusses ERIH's origins and development and highlights the role of industrial heritage as a shared European legacy.

ANIH dedicates its bulletin to "Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Industrial Heritage Conservation". In this context, both ERIH and TICCIH – the International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage – play a prominent role. More specifically, the bulletin focuses on cross-domain collaboration experiences in integrated research, restoration, planning, museum exhibitions, education, business promotion, and community engagement.

Thus the article introducing ERIH illustrates multidisciplinary partnerships and the operation model of the network, but also recognises the particular significance of financial support from the European culture fund "Creative Europe", which has allowed ERIH to expand continuously and, above all, to launch pioneering initiatives, including the exchange program "Twinning of Sites", the sector-specific annual survey "Industrial Heritage", and the pan-European dance event "WORK it OUT".

ANIH Bulletin 4th Issue

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