Call for Papers: ERIH Annual Conference 2020

How do we conserve knowledge and skills acquired in industrial operations for tomorrow's industrial heritage? This is the focus of the ERIH Annual Conference in October at the ERIH Anchor Point "Museum of Industry" in Ghent, Belgium. Papers should address the issue from different perspectives.

Under the title "Keeping the wheels turning - Succession Planning for Industrial Heritage", participants of the conference will discuss options and methods of successful knowledge transfer aimed at a future in which industrial heritage has to cope without witnesses of the past. This knowledge includes, for example, practical experience in the operation of machines, but also social interaction and patterns of behaviour in everyday life.

Papers shall deal with concepts and strategies on how this intangible cultural heritage can be best preserved and genuinely transmitted. This includes reports based on daily practice as well as strategy papers and scientific analyses. Experiences from other cultural sectors with similar challenges are also appreciated. Another question focuses on whether and to what extent ERIH can support the knowledge transfer.

We are aware of the massive impact of Covid-19 on our sector and that a conference in October cannot be guaranteed. However, we are looking forward with optimism and still hope our Annual Conference in Ghent can proceed as planned. If this is not possible, we will organise an online conference on 8th October. We are issuing this call for papers as a positive statement that our European network continues to be active and cooperative.

The deadline for submissions is 22 June. The conference language is English.

Call for Papers
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