#CreativeEuropeAtHome: Share art and culture from home

The threat of COVID-19 keeps us chained to our homes, but creatives across Europe are demonstrating with a variety of online activities that they refuse to get paralysed. By launching the #CreativeEuropeAtHome social media campaign, the EU's Creative Europe funding programme aims to provide support and visibility for these activities. This can also benefit ERIH sites and increase their online reach.

If the coronavirus had affected us 20 years ago, the freeze would have been total, particularly in the field of art and culture.  But in times of social media - now able to prove that they are truly social - and 24/7 online communication, there are many possibilities for digital exchange and expression: movie archives opening up their websites for the public, theaters and musicians livestreaming their performances online, museums offering virtual tours, to name but a few.

This is what Creative Europe is focusing on. With the hashtag #CreativeEuropeAtHome it aims to promote the rich work beneficiaries of the Creative Europe Programme are showing online to their audiences.  Whoever has or is currently producing online offers is, via the hashtag, part of a pan-European creative community and already finds inspiration there.

Participation is open to those who are funded by Creative Europe and have public online profiles. All entries have to include the campaign hashtag and the handle/username of Creative Europe on the platform in question. The European Commission will share selected posts that adhere to these criteria on the Creative Europe official accounts. Commissioners Mariya Gabriel and Thierry Breton, will also give visibility on their Twitter accounts to these activities.


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